Film-Team and Partner

Directing and Producing:

Carola Hauck, Munich


Peter Eckardt, Berlin

"My name is Carola. Right after school I studied medicine. Since then I observed how women are treated in medicine, especially in obstetrics. I quit medical studies because they were too rigid in my opinion and studied film. Subsequently  I did single case studies on episiotomy. I could not believe how many interventions women had to undergo during birth. The correlation between duration of birth and the number of interventions was significant. Finally in 2012 the discussion began in Germany regarding liability insurance that repeated the politics of the US in the 1970´s which led to there being no midwives at all.

In the media, the portrayal of birth is by default in a clinic and home birth is treated like a misguided choice for “alternative” types. That was the point at which I decided to make a film about what makes birth really safe. “We have to ask the right questions when we want the right answers and leave our preconceptions behind us” (Michel Odent told me that, and I think he is quite right). I make this film for the human rights of mothers and babies, for their well-being and their health."



Aedan Jenner & Team, Plymouth, UK

I met Carola in Stuttgart, Germany at the annual FMX visual media conference while I was at the Plymouth College of Art trade stand. Carola approached me to ask if I was interested in producing some 2D animation for her safe birth project “Die sichere Geburt”. Carola explained the aims of the project to me at length, I was happy to endorse a film that supports safe and progressive birthing practices. Several members of my family are midwives and nurses so the issues examined in “Die sichere Geburt” are some that affect me closely. I am always happy to support a cause that promotes safer medical practices and alternatives to some rather archaic medical procedures. The specific aim of this documentary is to promote better welfare during childbirth for children and mothers.


I consider this project a valuable opportunity to boost my career as an animator and progress in my field. I hope that the figures my team and I have animated for the film will help to entertain as well as inform.

“Die sichere Geburt” is a documentary that serves to enlighten people about damaging traditions and trends that continue to be implemented in modern childbirth. We need to consider re-evaluating some of the current methods in birthing practice and our attitudes towards mothers and babies.

"My name is Hans-Peter and I am part of this extraordinary film project for two main reasons: Both my children were born with the kind help of midwives. My daughter was born in a birth house and my son at home. The personal relationship of trust – trust in the knowledge of an age-old profession and trust in the power of female intuition – is the basis of a successful birth. I remember well the warm and cosy ( and safe! ) atmosphere created by the midwives we had. It must be possible for every expectant mother to choose the place of birth, the people that accompany her and the way she gives birth."

Medical and scientific Illustration:

Lucille Solomon, Switzerland

I am very pleased to be involved as an illustrator in this interesting and important project, especially because the illustrations explain substantial statements in this film.

Sound enigneer: Oliver Schmerwitz,

soundcompany audiopost GmbH, Berlin

Oliver called during the crowdfunding campaign and proposed to do the sound. He was concerned right from the beginning that this was a film society needs.

Thank you Oliver!









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